CC Fried Chicken


It was a cold Friday night & I was really wanting to sink my teeth into some juicy, hot & spicy wicked wings from KFC. No one in my family is on a gluten free diet and we could have made the 20 minute drive into town quiet easily. Unfortunately none of us really wanted to go outside during the Covid-19 pandemic just for some chicky wings. We couldn't justify it.

Light bulb moment - I could make some myself as I had chicken thigh fillets in the fridge.

The first step was to Google a recipe. 

I looked at a couple but picked this one from Divas Can Cook (reading the method it seemed like it would make crispy chicken).

Second step - check for ingredients in the kitchen. All good, I had enough spices - isn't chilli all you need :). 


Although I've named this recipe CC Fried Chicken it can be baked.

The CC could stand for;

Crispy & Crunchy - it is,

Covid Confined - we were minimising outside contact,


They are my daughter's initials - they are. 



Spice blend

1 tbs Sugar

1 tbs Salt (or a little less)

1 tbs Pepper

1 tbs Smokey paprika

1/2 tbs Chilli powder (or to taste)

1 tbs Onion powder

1 tbs Cayenne

Ingredients I didn't have

1 tbs Poultry seasoning

1 tsp Celery salt

1 tbs Garlic powder (I put garlic in the egg wash)


Flour for coating

300 g Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour

2 tsp Baking powder


Egg wash

2 Eggs

50 g Water

1 - 2 garlic cloves

50 - 100 g Chilli sauce

(I trialled a couple of different ones, it will depend on how hot you like it)


of course you'll need some chicken

I used approximately 1 kg of thigh fillets. 


Oil for deep frying 


oil to put in a roasting pan



Are you going to deep fry the chicken or bake it?

Turn deep fryer on to 180 C or turn oven on to 210 C (fan forced). 


Mix spice blend together. Have a little taste of the mix - Is it hot or spicy enough for you? If not add in more spice.  

Combine the flour & baking powder in a bowl. 

Mix half of the spice blend in with the flour mix. Optional - transfer this mix to a plastic bag to make it easier to coat the chicken pieces. 

Prepare the egg wash. 

Cut the thigh fillets into smaller strips and set aside. I cut them into thirds. I also used thigh cutlets & cut them into thirds - a cut either side of the bone.



Coat the chicken strips:

  1. Lightly with the spice blend then,
  2. Cover completely with the flour/spice mix then,
  3. Dip into the egg wash and finally
  4. Cover completely with the flour/spice mix

Set aside the coated chicken pieces.

Repeat until you've run out of chicken or you've run out of spice mix or the flour/spice mix or the egg wash. The times I've made this I haven't run out of chicken but I have run out of some of the other mixes.

The chicken still tastes great if:

  • there is no spice blend - coat it with the flour & dip in egg wash then flour.
  • there is no egg wash - coat with spice blend then flour/spice mix
  • there is only the flour/spice mix left 



Deep fry the chicken pieces until the meat is white. I usually fry it for 5 - 6 mins.


transfer the pieces to a pre-warmed greased oven tray/pan & bake for approximately 15 mins. The chicken pieces in the foreground of the photo below were baked in the oven. Spray the coated chicken with oil if using an air fryer (thanks for the tip Jenny). 

Simply enjoy!