Whipped Peanut Butter Icing

This yummy icing is very quick to make. I have used it as a filling for Ozzie-Os & also to sandwich layers of a chocolate cake together.  


100 g Smooth peanut butter

pinch of salt

40 g Icing sugar#

25 - 40 g Copha*

* Copha contains soy lecithin. The amount of copha added will depend; on the season (eg in Winter you may need to add less, summer a bit more), where you live (in Australia further north you may need more copha) whether you want a really creamy whipped icing (add the 40 g) or your children's taste.

 Some of the icing sugar doesn't dissolve in the peanut butter so the icing is slightly grainy. Adding a minimal amount of water will help dissolve some of the sugar but you may need to add more than 40 g of copha for the icing to set.


Melt the copha.   

Put the peanut butter in a microwaveable bowl.

Gently warm the peanut butter until it has "melted". It will lose its shape.

Sift the icing sugar, add it & the salt to the peanut butter. Stir to combine.

Add the melted copha to the peanut butter mix & stir until it has a uniform consistency.

What do you want the icing for?

If you want a harder icing stop stirring the mix. Continually rapidly stirring the mix while it is cooling will produce a creamy (whipped) icing. 

If you are going to pipe the icing on to biscuits or cake transfer the mixture to a piping bag when the icing can hold its shape. Alternatively spoon some of the icing mixture onto upturned biscuits.

Any unused icing can be kept in the fridge. When you want to use it leave it at room temperature for a while, alternatively gently warm it in the microwave.