Thermie Raspberry Fluff Icing


Thermie Razzle Dazzle is a versatile raspberry flavoured icing made in a Thermomix, it has a creamy texture but it is dairy free. Use it as is on top of cupcakes, thin it with raspberry puree or cream & use it to sandwich cake layers together or as a layer in a dessert. I often use it to fill dairy free profiteroles. I have even made it a little thinner, frozen it & served it as a dairy free frozen dessert (check out the photo of the choccy dumplings).


300 g Frozen raspberries

200 g Caster sugar

4 Egg whites



Add the sugar and frozen raspberries to the bowl of a TM5 or TM6. 

Mix for 4 mins 70 C at speed 3.5.

Pour the raspberry sugar mix through a sieve. Strain the mix as much as possible.

Put it back into the TM bowl. 

Boil for 8 mins at 110 C, speed 2. 

While the raspberry syrup is boiling, boil some water & pour it into a Thermoserver. 

Empty the hot water out of the Thermoserver and pour in the hot raspberry syrup. 

Clean and dry the TM bowl. 

Put in the butterfly whisk. 

Add in the egg whites and beat for 5 mins at 37 C at speed 3.5. 

Whisk the egg whites for 2 mins at 70 C at speed 3.5 while pouring in the hot raspberry syrup. 

Scrape down the sides. 

Whisk for 10 mins at speed 3.5. Check the consistency of the mixture - is it as thick as you would like? If not whisk for another 5 mins at speed 3.5. 

Essentially this mix is a raspberry flavoured Italian meringue.

If using it as is transfer the icing to a piping bag & decorate cupcakes/cake.

If thinning the mixture add in either raspberry puree or cream (Raspberry Cloud Cream instead of Strawberry Cloud Cream) until the desired consistency is reached.

Left over icing can be kept in the fridge. Place plastic clingwrap on top of the icing to stop a crust from forming.

Alternatively line a container with plastic clingwrap pour in the icing and freeze until you want to use it. It will deflate a little when frozen but it still tastes great. 

Simply enjoy!