Quince puree

Sorry, there are no photos of the quince puree.

I had planned on taking photos when I made a new batch with the 2 beautiful quinces I bought at a local green grocers. 

Unfortunately a brush tailed possum decided differently.

It was my fault I left the fruit & veg box on the back verandah (current max temperature is ~12oC).

Of course the possum (or possums) found the box & picked off its favourite fruit.


Not one but two were taken!!!! 


There was absolutely no sign of the other quince. 

A day later & the one above had disappeared as well. 




Sugar - approx 125 g per quince 

Vanilla bean pod

Water 125 g per quince 


The amount of sugar added will really depend on your preference for sweet or tart. If you like it tart add less sugar (it can always be added in later) 


Peel, quarter & core the quinces. Cut up into smaller pieces. 

Transfer quince pieces to a heavy based saucepan suitable for the amount of quince. 

Add the sugar & water to the quince.

Gently heat the mixture until the sugar has dissolved. Increase the heat to medium - medium low and cook the quinces until they are tender. Stir the mixture every now & then as it can catch on the bottom of the saucepan very easily. The longer you cook the quinces the deeper the red colour of the puree.  

Transfer quince mixture to a food processor & blend until the desired consistency is achieved. 

Store in sterile jars (if keeping at room temperature) or smallish containers (if freezing the puree).