Refreshingly Twisted


125 g Besan flour

75 g Potato starch

75 g Maize starch

63 g Oil 

3/4 tsp Salt

80 - 85 g Water*


Start with 80 g of water. If it doesn't come together as a dough add a little more water.  



Turn the oven on to 140 C.

Line 2 trays with baking paper.


Place all ingredients in the TM bowl & process for 1 min on speed 2. Ensure all ingredients are incorporated. 

Stand Mixer or By hand

Mix together the dry ingredients. I used the flat beater on my Kitchen Aid.

Add in the warm water & oil.

Mix until it comes together as a dough. 

Both methods

Prepare a clean work surface (pastry mat) & knead the dough. Kneading the dough makes it easier to roll out.

Divide the dough into quarters take one & cover the remaining 3 to stop them from drying out.

Roll out the dough between two sheets of baking paper. To ensure the dough is an even thickness follow this tip. Find two spacers that are approximately 1 - 3 mm high. When rolling out the dough ensure the rolling pin is wide enough to span the dough and part of the top of the spacers. My rolling pin is large – 61 cm from handle to handle. Initially when rolling the pin may not necessarily rest on the spacers, however, when the dough is the same thickness as the spacer it will. At this stage the dough should be all the same thickness.

Cut the dough into rectangles (~8 cm x 2.5 cm) with a knife. Pick up the dough piece, twist it & then transfer it to the lined baking tray. The scrapes of dough can be incorporated into the next lot of dough to be rolled out. The biscuits do not expand a great deal this means that the dough twists can be placed close to each other. 

Repeat the rolling & cutting with the remaining dough. 

Transfer trays to the oven & bake for approximately 30 - 40 mins. The length of time required to bake the Plainly Twisted twists will depend on the thickness of the dough & your oven. I baked these for ~40 mins & turned the trays halfway through baking. The number of twists made will depend on the thickness of the dough & the length & width of the twist.

These Plainly Twisted biscuits are designed to be crisp. If after 40 mins they still contain moisture give them an extra ~10 mins then turn the oven off & leave the trays in there. 


the besan flour makes the dough taste awful