Streusel Fingers

spiced with coffee & cinnamon

- perfect with a latte



135 g Besan flour

225 g Butter 

1 tsp Cinnamon

5 g Coffee

175 g Potato starch

180 g Brown sugar

2 tsp Hot water



Stand Mixer *

*I have tried to make Streusel Fingers in my Thermomix but I had to transfer it to my KitchenAid. 

Dissolve the coffee in the hot water.

Sift & mix together the besan flour, potato starch & cinnamon.

Cream together the butter & brown sugar.

Add in the coffee & continue creaming the mix.

Add to the creamed mixture the flour mix.

On a low speed mix together all ingredients until the flour is fully incorporated.

The dough is refrigerated before it is cut & cooked.

I find it easier to refrigerate it as a slab in a slice tray rather than rolling it out & cutting out shapes. Line a tray with baking paper, ensure the paper hangs over the sides & transfer the dough to the tray. Put another piece of baking paper on top of the dough and smooth the dough.

Is the dough higher than the edges of the tray? If it is use a rolling pin to flatten the dough to the same height as the sides of the tray. Trim off the excess.

If the dough isn't higher than the sides of the tray. Push the dough towards one end of the slice tray until the dough is higher than the sides of the tray. See above.

Put the tray of dough into the fridge. 

Cutting & Baking

Turn the oven on to 160o C.

Line 2 trays with baking paper.

Bring the tray out of the fridge & lift the dough out. Transfer the dough to a cutting board & take off the baking paper. Using a sharp knife cut the dough in the middle through its longest side. Cut 3-4 mm slices off the dough & transfer them to a baking tray. Repeat until there is no dough left. If unsure look at the photo of Summer Breeze dough being cut. 

The length of time required to bake the Streusel Fingers will depend on the length & thickness of the biscuit & your oven. The rectangles I cut were ~15 g each, there is sufficient dough to make ~46 of these. I baked these for ~24 mins & turned the trays halfway through baking.


the besan flour makes the dough taste awful