Nutty Breakfast Topping

My nutty brekky topping came about after my daughter spent time with friends in Melbourne. Along with numerous stories, trinkets and dirty washing, my daughter brought home their recipe for a modified paleo granola. She told me it was great, really filling & it was fantastic to have on your cereal :). "Could we make it please". So we made it together, changed the recipe together, stirred it together & tasted it together - delicious.

I'm really happy with it. I try to have about 25 g of this on top of a bran based cereal, perhaps I put on a little more especially if the spoon slips ;). Along with my milk drink I find that my brekky will keep me full until lunchtime. 

Do I have a recipe that I stick to?

No, it is a rough recipe. What is made will depend on the nuts I have in the cupboard, how full the packets are, what nuts were on special & who else is going to be eating it. Sometimes I won't put in some of the ingredients, sometimes I'll add in others. It doesn't matter if my hand slips when I'm pouring an ingredient in - my latest batch probably has twice the amount of almonds :).  

Every batch I make is different. 

There is no getting around it the nuts, protein powder & maple syrup are expensive to buy. I can certainly buy cheaper cereal, especially wheat based cereals, but they don't keep me as full for as long as this does AND they don't taste as good :).

The ingredients listed below are a guide as are the amounts. If you don't like one of the ingredients add in another, if you really like something add in a bit more of it. 

If you are going to make it I suggest that you make a 10% batch first.

If you don't like the resulting brekky topping don't throw it out. You can use some of it in bikkies for a nutty delight, or add some to a cheesecake base for added crunch, or mix with cocoa, some of my gf flour, some more protein powder & a bit of water and roll it into protein balls for snacks.  


250 g Cashews

110 g Macadamias

130 g Pepitas

100 g Sunflower seeds

125 g Almonds

125 g Walnuts

100 g Hazelnuts

75 g Brazil nuts

~200 g Shredded coconut

125 g Psyllium husk - I usually add more

125 g Chia seeds - I usually add more

~125 ml Maple syrup

100 g Vanilla flavoured protein powder

100 g Egg white powder


Turn oven on to 120 C (fan forced). If it isn't fan forced still set it at 120 C - the mix may take a bit longer to dry.

Line a couple of baking trays with baking paper. 

Put ~1/2 the nuts into a food processor & blitz them into chunks.

Mix all the dry ingredients together. 

Add in ~1/2 - 3/4 of the maple syrup & stir it through the nut mix. Taste a little bit of it. Is it sufficiently sweet? If not add in a bit more. 

Transfer mix to the baking trays and put them in the oven.

Bake until no more steam comes out of the oven & the nuts are crunchy. This will probably take ~30 - 40 mins however it will depend on your oven, how wet the mix is & how much of the mix is heaped onto the baking trays. 

Store in a couple of airtight containers.

Simply enjoy!