Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie

I love the combination of strawberry & rhubarb, I find it simply mouth watering. The whole combination of Sour Cream Bitsa pastry, vanilla, strawberry, rhubarb with just a hint of ginger was so very moreish - I kept on trimming this pie when no one was looking.


1 quantity of Sour Cream Bitsa pastry

300 - 350 g Rhubarb

500 g Hulled strawberries

1 Vanilla bean

100 g Honey

150 g Caster sugar

2 - 5 g Grated ginger (optional)

20 g Maize starch

30 g Water



egg with a bit of salt for brushing pastry

raw or demerara sugar


Cut the rhubarb into 5 cm pieces & put them into a largish saucepan. 

Hull & halve 300 g of the strawberries, put them in with the rhubarb.

Slice the vanilla bean lengthwise & put it in with the strawberries & rhubarb.

Add in the honey & sugar and stir to coat the fruit with the sugar.

Place saucepan over gentle heat until the sugar has dissolved.

Increase the heat & boil mix for 5 minutes. Take it off the heat.

Make a paste with the maize starch & water. While stirring the fruit mixture add in the maize starch paste/slurry (it should thicken very quickly).

Add in the ginger (to taste - it can be strong so start with a little) and the remaining hulled & halved strawberries.

Take out the vanilla bean, scrape the seeds out & stir the seeds back into the mix. 

Turn oven on to 180 C (fan forced). 

Prepare the Sour Cream Bitza pastry. If you want a quick pie (rustic looking) roll out the pastry into a circular shape big enough to cover your pie dish & overlap the sides. Line the pie dish with the pastry & put the fruit mix into it. Bring the sides of the pastry up & fold/scrunch it together - see photo below. 

Making the pie this way is so easy & quick. One downside is that the folds of pastry will not be as flaky. 

Another way to make the pie is to line the pie dish, put the filling in & then put on a top. The top could be a lattice (photo below) or a complete top. 

Brush the top of the pastry with the egg & sprinkle on the raw sugar.

Bake in the oven for ~35-45 mins. The time will depend on your oven, how hot the filling was when the pie went into the oven, the thickness of the pastry & the shape of the pie.

Serve with cream and/or ice-cream.

Simply enjoy!