Rocky Road Tart

I've been fascinated by S'mores for a long time. I've never had them however thinking about the combination of gooey marshmallow, molten chocolate & a crunchy biscuit certainly puts a smile on my dial. It was with S'mores in mind that I started making a S'more pie/tart & I have to say I was a tad disappointed with my concoction (so was the rest of the family). Cooling the pie overnight made a huge difference & I immediately thought of Rocky Road, hence this recipe.


Biscuit Base

250 - 300 g S'more biscuits (or similar)

100 - 125 g Butter


Chocolate Filling

315 g Dark (or Milk) Chocolate

200 g Thickened cream


Filling Bits (this is what I put in mine)

130 g Turkish delight pieces

60 g Toasted slivered almonds

20 g Toasted shredded coconut

50 g Glace cherries

50 g Marshmallows



White & pink marshmallows of various sizes

I cut some large & small marshmallows in half & then used heart shaped cutters.  



Grease the base & sides of a 23 cm springform pan. 

Melt the butter. 

Use a food processor to blitz the biscuits until they resemble fine breadcrumbs. Pour in the melted butter & process until combined.

Press mixture over the base of the springform pan.


Combine together the filling bits. 

Heat the cream to just below boiling. Add in the chocolate & stir while the chocolate melts. Gently heat this mix if not all the chocolate has melted.

Combine filling bits & melted chocolate/cream & pour over the biscuit base. Smooth out the top.

Place marshmallow decorations on top.

Place in fridge for ~30 mins.

Caramelising the marshmallows

Put the tart under the grill until the marshmallows start to caramelise, alternatively use a kitchen blow torch to toast the marshmallows.

Refrigerate overnight.

Simply enjoy!