I love soft moist crepes and so do my children but others may like a slightly different consistency. It is with this in mind that I have included my recipe for wheat based crepes. If you had a favourite crepe recipe prior to going on a wheat/gluten free diet you can compare the two wheat recipes to see how they differ. You can then make adjustments to the Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour crepe recipe.

This recipe was designed specifically to be made with Bakers' Magic gluten free flour. The finished baked product will not be the same if you use another gluten free flour and you will need to adjust the recipe, particularly if the flour you're using contains rice flour.




The following will make approximately 4 crepes; this will of course depend on the amount of batter that is used.

  Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour               Wheat Flour            

1 egg                                         1 egg

170 g milk                                       125 g milk

50 g BM Gluten free flour                      50 g flour

           A large knob of butter/oil for frying pan

Extra - corn starch – if the above recipe results in crepes that are too moist for your liking add a little corn starch.



Combine all ingredients either using a stab blender, thermomix or kitchen whiz. The mixture will be slightly gooey.

Melt all of the butter/oil in a heavy based frying pan using medium heat. When the butter starts to bubble pour the butter/oil of into a heat resistant bowl. Put the frying pan back on the heat, there should be still a little butter/oil left in the pan. The pan must be hot but not too hot. If the oil or butter is smoking the pan is too hot so turn down the heat a little.

Pour a little of the crepe batter (~60 g) into the frying pan. Lift the pan up and gently move the pan so that the mixture spreads over the pan (rough circle). The type of frying pan you choose will have an impact on how the crepes turn out. I use a cast iron frypan that has been oiled sufficiently so that the crepes don’t stick to it. Whenever I used a non-stick frypan I couldn’t get a good even coating because the crepe kept on sliding around.

Return pan to heat.

When the crepe is cooking the colour of it changes slightly. The edges will cook first, areas of thicker batter last. If the surface of the crepe is still tacky then it isn’t ready to be turned. Using an egg flip or spatula turn the crepe over and cook it on the other side for a couple of seconds (~10).

Transfer the crepe using the egg flip or spatula again to a plate.

Repeat the above until all batter is used. To get the swirls on the crepes (pictured) you need to use a small amount (~1 tsp) of butter/oil in between each crepe.

Serve hot with; lemon & sugar, your favourite syrup, chocolate sauce and ice-cream etc.