Blackberry, Raspberry & Vanilla Layer Cake


Another absolutely delicious way of using blackberries during an unbelievably fantastic blackberry season (January - March 2020). I think I ended up picking close to 5 kg of the fat, round, juicy berries.

This cake is wonderful for celebrations :).  



Per cake layer

150 g Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour

25 g Potato starch

1 tsp Baking powder

125 g Caster sugar

125 g Butter

2 Eggs

150 g Liquid (milk +vanilla for vanilla layer, blackberry puree or raspberry puree)


Maize starch = Cornflour from maize/corn and potato starch is sometimes labelled as potato flour. For more information go to Maize starch vs Cornflour.


For Purees & Flavoured Ganache

500 g Raspberries (frozen are best)

500 g Blackberries (I used fresh - because I had them growing)

200 - 500 g White chocolate (depends on how much flavoured ganache you want)

Caster sugar

White chocolate for squiggles on top of cake


White Chocolate Ganache x 2

290 g White chocolate

50 g Oil - decrease to 25 g for the ganache to go over the cake (I used Rice bran oil)

75 g Thickened cream

10 g Vanilla bean paste

The white chocolate ganache is used twice - between each layer and then over the top of the entire cake. 




Making the purees

Defrost the blackberries or raspberries in separate containers if they are frozen. 

Blitz the defrosted fruit with a stab blender. Pour the blitzed fruit into a sieve and use a spoon to push the juice through the mesh. Discard the seeds. 

The blitzed fruit can go through a juicer if you have one.



Turn oven on to 170oC (fan forced).

Grease 1, 2 or 3 x 20 cm round cake tins. If you only have one tin make each cake separately. If you have or can get 3 tins (& they will fit in your oven) make them all at once. 

Mix together the potato starch, Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour & the baking powder.

Soften butter either gently in the microwave or by leaving it at room temperature for a while. 

If your eggs are stored in the fridge warm them by putting them into a container with hot tap water. Don't worry they will not cook provided your tap water is not hotter than ~55 C.

Cream the butter & sugar. Scrape down the sides & continue to beat the mixture.

Add an egg to the creamed mixture & beat to combine. Scrape down the sides.

Repeat the step above. 

Mix in the liquid. Either blackberry puree, raspberry puree or 145 g milk plus 5 g vanilla extract.

If using milk warm it a little by bringing it to room temperature or gently heating in a microwave. 

Fold in the flour. Ensure you get rid of any lumps. 

Transfer mixture to the cake tin & transfer to the oven.

Bake for ~30 mins at 170oC (fan forced). The actual time will vary depending on your oven. 

Bring out of the oven & allow to cool for approximately 5 mins before turning the cake out of the tin.


White Chocolate Ganache

Combine all ingredients together (microwavable bowl or double boiler) and gently heat until all chocolate is melted.

Allow to cool to a spreadable consistency when putting it between the layers.

Allow it to cool to a pouring consistency when covering the complete cake.  


Assembling the Cake

Put the blackberry flavoured cake on a serving plate. 

Top with white chocolate ganache made with 50 g oil. 

Place the raspberry flavoured cake on top. 

Top with more white chocolate ganache. 

Place the vanilla flavoured cake on top.

If there are any holes or the layers don't match up patch the sides of the cake with some of the ganache.

Pour the white chocolate ganache made with 25 g oil over the top of the cake. 

Put the assembled cake in the fridge while you make the blackberry & raspberry white chocolate ganache.


Blackberry and Raspberry White Chocolate Ganache 

There is a bit of guess work involved when it comes to making the fruit flavoured ganache. 


  • Essentially the water content of the fruit used may vary from batch to batch.
  • In addition the fruit puree is boiled for approximately 5 mins before adding it to the white chocolate. Sometimes the mixture may be boiled a little longer than other times.

Mix 100 g of the blackberry puree with 66 g of caster sugar in a saucepan. Gently heat it until the sugar has dissolved & then boil the mix for approx 4 - 5 mins.

Allow the mixture to cool briefly. 

The aim is to mix in approximately 100 g of white chocolate however you may need more or less.

To start with mix in 50 g of white chocolate to the puree. Take a teaspoon of the mixture & put it in the freezer (or fridge) for approximately 5 mins. Has the mixture set? Taste the mix - do you like the flavour? If the mix hasn't set add more chocolate to the main mix. 

Keep the mix warm while you repeat the steps above to make the raspberry white chocolate ganache.

Bring the cake out of the fridge and decorate with the blackberry ganache & raspberry ganache. Use as much or as little as you want. 

Melt some white chocolate & use a fork to flick squiggles over the top of the ganache. 

Put the cake in the fridge to set the white chocolate. Once it is set store the cake at room temperature (unless the room is above 26oC). 

I hope you enjoy it as much as my family (& friends) did.

Simply enjoy!