Choccy Mug Cake

 Sometimes all you need is a Choccy Cake in a Mug (with a bit of cream) to put the smile on your dial :).



20 g Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour

25 g Caster sugar (or brown)

2 tsp Cocoa (~ 4 g)

1/4 tsp Baking powder

optional - pinch of salt


15 g Oil (I use rice bran)

30 g Water

1 tsp Vanilla extract


Water - I have substituted the water with milk however the cake rises too much (big mess in microwave).



Mix together the dry ingredients in a large microwaveable mug. Try & get rid of the lumps in the flour & cocoa.

Combine the wet ingredients & pour into the mug.

Mix wet & dry ingredients together to form a smooth cake batter.

Microwave on high (~1000 W) for approx. 1 min. (Less if you like gooey).

Best eaten when it's still hot with goodies like; cream, ice-cream, salted caramel sauce, melted marshmallows, choccy drops. 

Simply enjoy!