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Essentially this website is about baking with alternatives. As the name implies some of the recipes are truly decadent, for special occasions, while others are “everyday” food.


Basically I view wheat flour as the “vehicle” that is used to bring us flavour and texture in food. It itself does not have the “wow” factor. It is hard to imagine someone saying “the wheat flour of 2008 was simply superb, far superior to any other years”. Whereas I can easily imagine someone saying “OMG that chocolate cake was absolutely delicious, not too heavy & not too light”. The cake may contain wheat flour but it isn’t the focus for the person consuming it. It is simply about the flavour (chocolate) and texture (just right).


Baking is a journey. It is about getting from A to B or from the start to the finish or from raw ingredients to a final product. There are so many different routes you can take. As such this website contains information and recipes using alternative “vehicles” to deliver the “wow” factor in food.

All recipes on this site are gluten free. There are 3 main sections to the website that can be explored.

  Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour

This section contains information regarding the use of the mix and recipes. Both bread and non-bread recipes are available and new recipes will be continually added. Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour is still manufactured by Springhill Farm and available in our online shop. New recipes will be posted in What's Cooking and on our Facebook page.



The Guide to Gluten Free Baking

Starting with the basics of baking The Guide explores the positives and negatives of the individual alternative flours. Choosing the appropriate alternative for a product becomes easier with the information contained in The Guide. This section also contains the recipes for the biscuits Decadent Alternatives used to manufacture. The Guide to Gluten Free Baking will continually change as more information and recipes are added. To access the guide you need to register, a small annual fee is associated with registration.

As the website has grown & needed to be rearranged I have included The Alternatives in the guide to gluten free baking. 


The Alternatives


This section contains Alternatives to some of the main staples of baking; starches, sweeteners, proteins and fats. The information will be updated whenever I come across an ingredient that is new to me. Information on newly acquired ingredients will be posted in What's Cooking and on our Facebook page (Decadent Alternatives = Gluten Free Baking).






Membership is for personal use only. There are two membership options available; a yearly subscription or lifetime membership. A lifetime membership comes with a recipe conversion. The lifetime member may have a favourite recipe (it used to be the favourite before they were diagnosed) that they would love to be able to make/eat again. The member would send in the recipe, I would make it with wheat flour & then convert it to a gluten free recipe. Certain exclusions exist - any recipe containing puff pastry, filo pastry or other laminated yeast doughs (croissant). (I am working on gluten free puff pastry but I'm not happy with it - yet).

Recipe conversions are available, pricing is determined by the complexity of the recipe & the restrictions on the ingredients. For example, the cost of converting a wheat based recipe to a gluten free only recipe will be lower than one that in addition to being gluten free also needs to be dairy, egg, corn & fructose free. If interested in a recipe conversion contact us.  



Updates for all sections will be posted on Decadent Alternatives Facebook site.

I am not gluten intolerant or a coeliac or have any food allergies (that I know). However during my treatment for cancer I have been an insulin dependent diabetic and been on other restrictive diets and would be frustrated when I couldn’t eat my favourite things. At present I have no restrictions (apart from not eating too much) so essentially I can trial wheat based recipes, taste the product and then convert it to a gluten free recipe.

P.S. All photos are of the food I have cooked at home (and then it usually gets eaten) and the majority of the photos I have taken – unless I am in them (excluding selfies!).