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I was in a kitchen shop & I saw a set of cute Christmas cookie cutters. After buying them I realised there was a recipe for Linzer cookies included & of course I had to convert the recipe to gluten free. Austrian Linzer Torte has been around since dates the 1600's. Linzer Cookies are a wonderful simplified version of this traditional Austrian tart.

What is the difference between maize starch & cornflour? I do get people asking that question from time to time as such I have added another article discussing this question in Alternative Ingredients (in the Guide to Gluten free Baking section). 

How can I call it The Ultimate Chocolate Brownie when you haven't tasted it? I can only go on the reactions of my family & friends when they tasted them for the first time. There were murmurs of "mmmmmm", "OMG this is good", "now this is a brownie" & "are you going to put the recipe on the website?". So here is the recipe & now it is up to you to find out if these are the brownies you have been searching for.

Last week I received an email from a customer who was looking to make flexible gluten free bread that didn't contain maize products. It didn't matter if they had to add in ingredients, nor did it matter if it wasn't grain free, they just wanted to bake good gluten free bread. After trialling a few different combinations using Bakers' Magic grain free flour I settled on Chia & Sweet Potato Bread (shown) & Gluten Free Bread with Chia.

This was a bit of a hoot to make. This Choc Caramel Popcorn cake was yet another cook the cover from magazine for yet another chance to win an oven. I'll let you know how I go :). My kitchen table now has a couple of scorch marks from the sparklers. 

I've wanted to make a Red Velvet Cake for simply ages and was so disappointed with the chemical flavour of the food dye that I ditched the dye & made a Chocolate Velvet Cake instead. 

This Apple Rosette Pie is another delicious recipe that I have converted from the August 2016 edition of Taste magazine. I hope you like it as much as I do.  

This Matcha & Mandarin Bundt Cake was fantastic, I loved it still slightly warm from the oven with the icing still runny (actually I couldn't wait for it to cool down it smelt so good). This recipe is a conversion of a wheat based recipe that appeared in the August 2016 Bake the Issue edition of Taste magazine.

To celebrate Spring I'm giving away a box of 6 packets of the Real Bread Mix to Australian residents. To be in the running for this prize simply fill out the Real Bread Mix survey - thanks in advance. Libby

This Chai Spiced Brioche Loaf was snaffled so quickly by my family. Aromatic, still warm from the oven I had it with just a little extra butter - simply divine. This recipe is a conversion of a wheat based recipe that appeared in the August 2016 edition of Taste magazine.