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Oooops! I had forgotten about the recipe for these wonderful Lavosh Crackers & that it hadn't been put on the website. This morning I went through my hand written cook book & I can't believe that my latest batch of gluten free lavosh were made in August last year (where has the year gone). It is definitely time that this versatile recipe was put on the website. 

How do you like your Choc Chip biscuits? Chewy? Crunchy? In between? Do you love love love eating the dough (I do), if so I'm sure you won't be baking the full amount. How long & how many you bake of these tasty little morsels is up to you. Enjoy :).   

After all the sourdough loaves I've been making I thought it was time for another chocolate recipe to be added to the website. I'm happy to say that my family were very enthusiastic when it came to tasting my different versions of this Chocolate Lava Cake

This is a great tasting high fibre, high protein loaf - & kids wouldn't know. It's soft, flexible, fluffy & fantastic :). This is a yeasted version of Libby's Favourite Sourdough with a few modifications. 

My current fav (April 2017) - it's yummy & pretty good for you with the addition of pumpkin seed flour & psyllium to boost the levels of protein & fibre in the loaf. 

My latest baking adventure started when my husband asked if I could make some hot cross buns for his students as some of them were coeliacs, then my daughter asked if I could make some hot cross buns for her friend on a wheat free diet. I found myself saying 'yes, I can do that' & ended up making dozens of hot cross buns. Not content with simply making yeasted hot cross buns I pulled out 'Arthur', my trusted sourdough starter, and have made Sourdough Hot Cross Buns & Sourdough Vegan Hot Cross Buns (no added sugar). Both recipes are commercial yeast free, gum free, nut free, soy free & rice free.    

I'm so very happy with these fluffy, flexible & absolutely delicious No Gum Hot Cross Buns, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to share this recipe with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family has (maybe enjoyed too much). 

This absolutely wicked 'Tim Tam' Tart was extremely indulgent & so very moreish. The gluten free recipe following is my conversion of the Cook the Cover recipe from Taste magazine's April 2017 edition.

I've been trying to type up an article 'Some Sourdough Tips' but am finding myself adding more & more information to it & it seems to be no closer to being finished than when I started. Feeling somewhat frustrated I decided to put some Sourdough recipes on the website instead (at least they were baked, photographed, eaten & approved by the family). One tip I will give is to make some bread with commercial yeast prior to trying the sourdough so that you can get a 'feel' for the flour, the dough & the finished bread. Happy baking!  

Roasted Sweet Potato Sourdough Cob no added sugar *FREE*

Roasted Sweet Potato Sourdough Loaf no added sugar *FREE*

Sourdough Cob with Pumpkin Seed Flour no added sugar*FREE*

Sourdough Loaf with Pumpkin Seed Flour *FREE*


I'm trying to design some baking/cooking classes & would love your input. I've attached a survey - anyone who answers (& lives in Australia) goes into the draw for a 10 kg bag of Bakers' Magic gluten free flour (or if you prefer grain free flour). Cheers, Libby