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My children requested a pineapple upside down cake. I had never made one before so I decided to google some recipes. There are absolutely squillions of Pineapple upside down cake recipes & images on the web; some in ring tins, heaps containing cherries, some in frypans, some as cupcakes, etc. etc. etc. Which one was I going to use as a base for my recipe? I decided to ditch the cherries after my first attempt, I could only taste the cherries. Frankly I was a bit disappointed with the pineapple flavour, I felt it could be stronger. A couple of modifications later & the recipe for my version of a Pineapple Syrup Cake was ready to be put on the website. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family do.   

This Brownie & Vanilla Latte Cheesecake Stack was perfect for my teenage son's birthday. It would have been nice if there was a bit left over. 

I made the Brownie & Vanilla Latte Cheesecake stack for my son's birthday, it went down a treat but I thought the cheesecake needed a little more work. As we had a couple of hot days & I didn't want to bake I decided to make a type of "melt 'n mix" base. The base was so good I simply had to use it in a recipe, the result - Vanilla Latte Cheesecake.

These delicious Hazelnut Brownies are a modification of the brownie in the Brownie & Berry Cheesecake stack - they are very moreish!

This Coconut cream caramel is an easy to make dairy free version that can be used on a slice base or watered down to make caramel topping. 


Banana Cake

On a recent visit to Coffs Harbour to see my 85 year old mother I asked her really really nicely if she could make a couple of Banana cakes (wheat based & gluten free) & she happily complied (I loathe bananas). My family were happy with the gluten free version.

This tasty morsel was on the front cover of Taste magazine (September 2015) and the recipe featured as a Cook the Cover. I looked at the photo in the supermarket & saw chocolate, raspberries, cheesecake & gold sparkles - I simply had to convert this Brownie & Berry Cheesecake Stack to gluten free. The recipe can be found in Extra Special Breadmix (original), Converted recipes, Chocolate & Desserts. 

I love the combination of strawberry & rhubarb, I find it simply mouth watering. The whole combination of Sour Cream Bitsa pastry, vanilla, strawberry, rhubarb with just a hint of ginger was so very moreish - I kept on trimming this Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie when no one was looking.

This totally wicked Caramello cake was the front cover of Taste magazine (August 2015) and featured as a cook the cover recipe. I love, love, love chocolate & caramel together so I simply had to convert it to a gluten free recipe.

This recipe was inspired by the beautiful Coconut Chiffon cake with meringue icing on the front cover of delicious. magazine's July 2015 edition. At the time I was over the taste of coconut (just a temporary afflicition) & the thought of putting coconut essence into a cake batter did not appeal to me (especially after I tasted it). So here is my Raspberry & Rose water flavoured version.