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I'm really happy with this gluten free Rough Puff Pastry - I simply adore the crunch as I bite into all the buttery layers YUM! 

 Sometimes all you need is a Choccy Mug Cake (with a bit of cream) :).



I was trying to make the bread for steamed pork buns in the oven - sounds a bit crazy. I set the oven low & had a pan of water in there to create a little steam. I visualised little steamed sliders..........something that you could fold over with a bit of salad & pulled pork inside. Yummo..... Didn't quite work out that way. My daughter and I had a taste, looked at each other & said "It tastes like Naan". 

Cinnamon, brown sugar, pecans & butter - it's an absolutely delicious combination in this gluten free Sour Cream Crumble Cake. Years ago, last century :), I used to make the wheat based version of this Sour Cream and Crumble cake a lot. I think I stopped making it when I had children as it contains nuts. As the years turned I'd make other cakes & I simply had forgotten how scrumdillyumptious this cake really is. That is until yesterday when I made this gluten free version. My daughter's comment after she tasted it was "Why haven't you made this before?"

I love a eating a hot Dinner Roll  that's straight out of the oven (particularly with a 'bit' of butter).

This recipe is basically the same as Another Pizza recipe :) with a purple maize flour twist.  

These soft crust, fluffy rolls are meant to be eaten hot but not 'burn your mouth' hot. Don't let them cool down too much. 

Enjoy :). 

This absolutely delicious Dairy free Orange Cake is a dairy free version of Michelle's Orange Cake with a few simple modifications. It is a very easy cake to make and is deliciously moist. When my husband has to take a cake into work this cake is requested by his work colleagues (they are not on a gluten free diet). I hope you enjoy it as much as my friends & family do. 

One of the local Pizzerias does a wonderful wheat based Nutella Pizza, that is, according to my daughter :). After having the little bit that she kindly shared with me I wondered whether I could do a gluten free version. My daughter happily offered to be a taste tester - after all, she told me she was the one best qualified to taste the pizza. She has given this gluten free version of a Nutella Pizza the thumbs up.  

This Hemp & Honey Sourdough complemented my roasted carrot & celeriac soup so beautifully (I went back & had seconds :) ).

These gluten free Dairy free Danish Pastries got a big thumbs up from the family :). 

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