Grain Free - Egg Free & Yeast Free Bread

This bread has a wonderful flavour, is very easy to make & contains only a few simple ingredients. As it is a dense bread, similar to a dense pumpernickle, it is not really good for sandwiches but is wonderful thinly sliced to have with dips & spreads.

This bread can be made by hand or with a stand mixer. 


20 g Golden Flaxseed

80 g Boiling water

450 g Bakers' Magic Grain free flour

2 tsp Bicarb of soda

2 tsp Vinegar (optional) 

1/2 tsp Salt

50 g Oil 

350 - 400 g Warm water



Turn oven on to 200 C. 

Grease 2 mini loaf tins, base is 13 cm x 17 cm. I have made this bread in a larger tin however the bottom of the bread is a little compacted.  

Put the golden flaxseed into a container that you can easily put a stab blender in. Pour the boiling water on the flaxseed & allow it to sit for ~5-10 mins.

Blitz the seeds with a stab blender. When the mixture is really gooey add in another 100 g of warm water & blitz the seeds again.

Combine the remaining water, oil & vinegar with the flaxseed mix. Blitz with the stab blender.

In a bowl mix together Bakers' Magic Grain free flour, bicarb & salt. 

Pour the wet ingredients over the dry ingredients & stir to combine. 

Divide dough & put into the mini loaf tins.

Bake for ~45 mins. Allow to cool before cutting into the loaf.