I was trying to make the bread for steamed pork buns in the oven - sounds a bit crazy (actually "Crazy" by Seal is playing in the background at the moment :) ). I set the oven low & had a pan of water in there to create a little steam. I visualised little steamed sliders..........something that you could fold over with a bit of salad & pulled pork inside. Yummo..... Didn't quite work out that way. My daughter and I had a taste, looked at each other & said "It tastes like Naan". 



350 g Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour

100 g Maize starch

10 g Psyllium husk

1 Egg

2 tsp Yeast

15 g sugar (for the yeast)

50 g sugar (in with flour)

2 tsp Salt

525 g Warm water*

50 g Oil


Maize starch is often sold as Cornflour from corn (White Wings brand). For more information go to Maize starch vs Cornflour. 

Sugar - Can be between 25 - 50 g + 15 g for the yeast.

*This amount of water includes the 100 g required for pre incubating the yeast.



Clarified butter (ghee)

Crushed garlic

Chopped coriander leaves



Warm water is ~1/4 to 1/3 of boiling water with the remaining cold water (tap). Whether you use 1/4 or 1/3 will depend on how cold your tap water is. If the water is too hot it will kill the yeast.

Pre-incubate the yeast at room temperature for approximately 5 - 8 mins in 100 g of warm water containing the 15 g of sugar. Stir the mixture to dissolve the sugar & disperse the yeast. This gives the yeast a readily available food source & they can "revive" in a relatively undisturbed environment. After the allocated time the surface of the yeast mixture should be slightly frothy. This indicates the yeast are viable. 

If the yeast mixture has a frothy top or you can see bubbles proceed with bread making.

Are you going to proof the dough in your oven or in another warm spot? If proofing in your oven turn oven to ~50 C for approximately 10 mins then turn it off again.

Line 2 baking trays with baking paper & spread a little oil on them. 

I usually whiz all the dry ingredients in a food processor before mixing in the wet ingredients. 

Place all ingredients into the mixing bowl of a stand mixer (including pre-incubated yeast). 

Combine ingredients using the flat beater until a uniform consistency is achieved. You may need to stop the mixer and scrap down the sides.

Cover the dough & let it proof for ~15 mins in a warm moist environment. During this period the dough will firm a little.

Put a bit of oil on a suitable work surface (bench, baking paper, pastry mat). Bring the dough out & divide it into 8 equal pieces.

Put a bit of oil on your hands, pick up a piece of dough & transfer it to one of the lined trays. Flatten the piece of dough a little with your hands. You want it to be approximately 15 - 20 mm thick.

Repeat with the remaining dough. 

Before I prove the dough I usually spray them with a little water first. Let the pieces prove for approximately 20 - 30 mins (can be longer) in a warm moist environment. During this time the dough will rise, thicken & become easier to handle. 

Put a little oil (1 tbs) into a heavy based frypan. Heat the frypan over medium heat. You don't want the frypan too hot but you don't want the Naan sticking to the surface.

The actual cooking time is going to depend on your frypan, the heat underneath & the thickness of the dough.

Cut one of the pieces of dough into 4 and place one of the quarters into the frypan. Cook for approx. 4 mins per side. If the naan is burning turn down the heat. If it is sticking to the pan put in a little more oil. Remove the cooked naan, allow to cool briefly, break it into 2 and check the middle. Adjust your cooking times if necessary.   

Put a little oil on your hands & carefully lift up one of the whole pieces of proved dough & put it in the frypan. Cook for the required length of time. Lift out of the frypan & wrap in a clean tea towel to keep it warm. Repeat for the remaining dough.

Serve with a great curry.   

Optional - brush with clarified butter & top with a little crushed garlic & coriander leaves. 

These Naan are best eaten on the day they are made.  

Simply enjoy!