Converted Recipes

The following are conversions of recipes previously published elsewhere.


delicious. magazine

  • Snickers Self Saucing Pudding - It took me a while to make this absolutely delicious wonderful Winter pud from the August 2016 edition of delicious. magazine. I'm happy to say that it is now on our favourites list.  
  • Churros in Anise Caramel - These were really delicious, whether you ate them with the Anise Caramel or simply sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar. The recipe by Jamie Oliver appeared in the November 2015 edition. 
  • Pita Bread - These were so very moreish, the original recipe by George Calombaris featured in the November 2015 edition of delicious. magazine. 
  • Raspberry & Rose Chiffon Cake - Originally this cake was flavoured with coconut & orange & was the front cover of the 150th edition of delicious. magazine in July 2015.  
  • Chocolate & Walnut Butter Fudge Cakes - I had a bit of an interesting time while converting Jean Michel Raynaud's recipe. As such there are two cake recipes. The recipe featured in the June 2015 edition.
  • Pork Buns - This recipe is an adaptation of Hamish Ingham's Pork Buns; it featured in the April 2015 edition.
  • Swedish Pecan & Cinnamon Buns - This delicious recipe was converted from one of Matt Preston's bread recipes that featured in the April 2015 edition. 
  • Caramel Eclairs - This Caramel Eclair recipe was converted from Matt Moran's Caramelia eclairs that featured in the October edition (2014).
  • Flaxseed Crisps -  Designed by The Cooking School at Lake House, Daylesford these delicious morsels were originally wheat based & featured in the October edition (2014) of ABC delicious. magazine.
  • Strawberry & Marscapone Olive oil cakeThe wheat flour version of this Strawberry & Marscarpone Olive oil cake by Mario Batali appeared in the Italian issue (September 2014)
  • Zesty Lemon & Pistachio CannoliThis recipe is an adaptation of Jamie Oliver's Lemon & Pistachio Cannoli; it featured in the July 2014 edition


taste magazine 

  • 'Tim Tam' Tart  - Crunchy chocolate base, beautifully smooth milk chocolate ganache, dark chocolate, cream & my gluten free version of Arnott's Tim Tams - it was simply sensational. The original recipe appeared in the Chocolate Issue of Taste magazine (April 2017).

  • The Ultimate Chocolate Brownie - Technically this is only half the recipe from the December 2016 issue but oh what a half. 

  • Choc Caramel Popcorn Cake - This recipe was the cook the cover of the November 2016 edition. It was so very moreish. 

  • Apple Rosette Pie - Love, love, love apples with a touch of caramel & cinnamon. This is the last converted recipe from the August 2016 Bake the Issue edition. 
  • Matcha & Mandarin Bundt Cake - Simply delicious - mandarin, a touch of ginger & matcha make this a wonderful cake, another recipe from the Bake the Issue August 2016 edition.  
  • Chai Spiced Brioche Loaf - An absolutely delicious converted recipe from the August 2016 edition. 
  • Strawberry & Orange Galette - Another recipe from the Bake the Issue August 2016 edition. 
  • Spiced Sticky Date Pudding - This is my new favourite Sticky Date Pud, the original recipe was in the August 2016 edition.
  • Mini Masala Sausage Rolls - These are a gluten free version of Marion Grasby's sausage rolls from the August 2016 edition. 
  • Brownie & Berry Cheesecake Stack - A delicious combination of hazelnut brownie & raspberry cheesecake from the September 2015 edition.
  • Caramello Cake - A totally wicked chocolate caramel cake. I saw the cake on the cover of the magazine (August 2015) & simply had to convert it.