Dairy Free Orange Cake


This absolutely delicious Orange cake is a dairy free version of Michelle's Orange Cake with a few simple modifications. It is a very easy cake to make and is deliciously moist. When my husband has to take a cake into work this cake is requested by his work colleagues (they are not on a gluten free diet). I hope you enjoy it as much as my friends & family do. 



240 g Navel orange flesh + Zest

200 g Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour

35 g Potato starch

1/4 tsp Salt

1 tsp Baking powder

1/2 tsp Bicarb of soda

225 g Caster sugar

36 g Cocoabutter

164 g Nuttelex (or other dairy free margarine)

3 Eggs


Oranges - you will need nearly 2 oranges for the cake.

Maize starch = Cornflour from maize/corn and potato starch is sometimes labelled as potato flour. For more information go to Maize starch vs Cornflour. 

Cocoabutter - I mix in cocoabutter with the Nuttelex to make a substitute for butter. Some brands are better than others, some will have a strong smell of chocolate - An orange chocolate cake would be quite nice :). If you can't get cocobutter add in 200 g of Nuttelex or other dairy free margarine & decrease the amount of orange used to 220 g. 


Orange Icing

300 g Icing sugar

Zest of 1.5 oranges

25 g Orange juice

80 g of Nuttelex



Grease a cake ring tin.

Turn the oven on to 170 C.

Zest the oranges. 

Cut off the pith & segment the orange.  


Melt Nuttelex & cocoabutter for 2 mins at 60 C speed 4.

Add in the zest & segmented orange & blend for 45 sec at speed 6. Blend again if you still have chunks of orange.

Add the eggs & sugar to the TM bowl & mix for 20 secs speed 5.

Mix in the dry ingredients for 5 secs speed 4, scrape down the sides & then repeat.

Let it sit for 1 min before pouring into the ring tin.  

Food Processor

Sift together the Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour, potato starch, salt, bicarb & baking powder.

Cut up the orange & put it in the bowl of the food processor. Process until you have a fine mush.

Melt the cocoabutter & Nuttelex & pour it in while the processor is still on. Mix in the eggs & caster sugar.

Add in the remaining dry ingredients & process briefly until the batter is uniform.

Let it sit for 1 min before pouring into the ring tin. 


Pour cake batter into the ring tin & bake for ~30 - 35 mins. The time will depend on the size of the orange & your oven.

Bring out of the oven & wait 5 mins before turning out the cake.


Get any lumps out of the icing sugar. I usually blitz it in a food processor first.

Melt the Nuttelex, mix in the orange juice & zest.

In a food processor or mixing bowl combine all ingredients until the icing is the consistency that you like. If the icing is too hard to spread warm it up a little either by microwaving for a couple of seconds or putting the bowl over some hot water. 

Pour the icing over the cake. Allow the cake to cool & the icing to set before cutting in to it.

Simply enjoy!