Extra Special

From time to time my children will ask me to make something really special or things that we don’t normally have. “Mum it’s the school holidays, could we have crepes for breaky please?” Okay - so I make them (wheat ones) and they eat them all. “Mum, could you please make some more?” “Sure, but these ones are going to be slightly different”.  I will then adapt the recipe to suit Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour. I think Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour is special (of course I am biased); there are so many other things that can be made using it.

This section is devoted to those morsels my children have asked for (or I have wanted to make) and I have adapted for use with Bakers' Magic Gluten free flour. Of course the recipes could also become some of your favourites. This section will grow as I continue to “experiment”. New recipes can be found under “What's Cooking” and will be posted on Decadent Alternatives Facebook page. 


Extra Special Recipes


 Baking with Bakers' Magic flour - read first




Beer batter *FREE*

Garlic batter *FREE*

Tempura batter *FREE*


ACBs - Another Choc Chip Bikkie *FREE*

Afghans *FREE* 

Anzac biscuits *FREE* 

Bee Sting Bikkies *FREE*

Berry Baci *FREE*

Black Mischief *FREE*

Brandy Snaps *FREE*

Cherry Noms *FREE*

Choc Chip *FREE*

Choc Coconut Crunchies *FREE*

Choccy Pastry Biscuits *FREE*

Chockas *FREE*

Coconut Lace Too  *FREE*

Cookie Dough *FREE*

Cowboys *FREE*

Crunchy Munchies free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts & soy *FREE*

Dairy free Vanilla Shortbread *FREE*

Date & Caramel Shortbread Too *FREE*

Double Choc Noms *FREE*

Flaxseed Crisps *FREE*

Garofano Baci *FREE*

GF Chocolate Ripple Biscuits *FREE*

GF Digestive-style Biscuit *FREE* 

GF Granita-style Biscuits *FREE* 

Gingerbread *FREE*

Golden Noms *FREE*

Jaffa Chip Too *FREE*


Lady Fingers *FREE*

Lavosh Crackers *FREE* 

Lemon & Macadamia Shortbread *FREE*

Linzer Cookies *FREE* 

Melting Moments Too *FREE*

Melt 'n Mix Shortbread *FREE*

Mint Thin(g)s *FREE*

Mocha Creams *FREE*

Orange Shortbread Too *FREE*

Ozzie-O's free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts & soy *FREE*

Peanut Butter & Choc Chip Cookies *FREE*

Peppi Noms *FREE*

Pfeffernuse *FREE* 

Plain Scott Biscuits *FREE* 

Raspberry & Millet Shortbread *FREE*

Shortbread *FREE*

Simply Nom free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy & contains no refined sugar *FREE*

S'more Bikkies *FREE*

Speculaas *FREE*

Sticky Date Cookies *FREE*

Streusel Fingers Too *FREE*

Triple C Too *FREE*

Vegan Choc Chip Biscuits free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts & soy*FREE*

 YoYos *FREE*


Decadent Chocolate Brownies *FREE*

Hazelnut Brownies *FREE*

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Brownies *FREE*

The Ultimate Chocolate Brownie *FREE*


AC Cupcakes - dairy & nut free *FREE*

Amazing Chocolate Cake *FREE* 

Amazing Chocolate Cupcakes *FREE*

Amazing Dairy Free Chocolate Cake *FREE*

Apple & Cinnamon Muffins *FREE*

Apple Syrup Cake *FREE*

Aunty Em's Spectacular Fruitcake *FREE*

Banana Cake can be dairy free*FREE*

Basic Fruitcake recipe - can be dairy & nut free *FREE*

Blackberry Chocolate cake *FREE*

Black Forest Cake *FREE*

Blueberry Muffins *FREE*

Brandied Alternate Fruitcake - dairy free *FREE*

Brandy Fruitcake - nut free*FREE*

Caramello Cake *FREE*

Carrot Cake - dairy free *FREE*

Carrot Cake Cupcakes - dairy free*FREE*

Choc Caramel Popcorn Cake *FREE* 

Choccy Mug Cake *FREE*

Chocolate & Walnut Butter Fudge Cakes *FREE*

Chocolate cake - dairy & nut free *FREE*

Chocolate Velvet Cake *FREE*

Custard Doughnut Cupcakes *FREE*

Dairy free Orange Cake dairy & nut free *FREE*

Double Brandy Fruitcake *FREE*

Easy Peasy Chocolate Cupcakes *FREE*

Ginger Sponge *FREE* 

Herman the German Cake *FREE*

Hummingbird Cake *FREE*

Jan's Christmas Cake *FREE*

Lamingtons *FREE*

Lemon Cake *FREE*

Lemon, Lime & Zucchini Cake *FREE*

Lemon, Lime & Zucchini Cupcakes *FREE*

Lime & Coconut Syrup Cake *FREE*

Matcha, Cardamon & Lime Cake *FREE*

Matcha & Mandarin Bundt Cake *FREE*

Michelle's Whole Orange Cake *FREE*

Mocha Butterscotch Poke Cake *FREE*

Orange Fairy Cakes *FREE*

Pineapple Syrup Cake *FREE*

Raspberry Cupcakes dairy free & nut free *FREE*

Raspberry & Rose Chiffon Cake *FREE*

Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins *FREE*

Sour Cream Crumble Cake *FREE*

Speckled Choc Orange Cake *FREE*

Spicy Chocolate Cake *FREE*

Strawberry & Marscarpone Olive Oil cake *FREE*

Swiss Roll Too *FREE*

Tangelo Cake *FREE* 

Vanilla Butter Cake *FREE*

Wild Blackberry Muffins *FREE*


Brownie & Berry Cheesecake Stack *FREE*

Brownie & Vanilla Latte Cheesecake Stack *FREE*

Caramel Eclairs *FREE*

Croquembouche *FREE*

Gluten free Chocolate Ripple Cake *FREE*

Lemon Myrtle & Chevre Cheesecake *FREE*

Raspberry WOW *FREE*

Vanilla Latte Cheesecake *FREE*

Zesty Lemon & Pistachio Cannoli *FREE* 


Chocolate doughnuts *FREE*

Churros in Anise Caramel *FREE*

Cocoabutter doughnuts dairy free *FREE*

Doughnut holes *FREE*

Plain doughnuts *FREE*

Kid's Stuff

Gluten Free Playdough *FREE*

Pancakes, Crepes & Waffles 

Buttermilk Pikelets *FREE*

Crepes *FREE*

Waffles *FREE*


Beetroot Pasta *FREE*

Pasta *FREE*

Spinach Pasta *FREE*

Squid Ink Pasta  *FREE*

Two Toned Pasta  *FREE*


Brown Sugar Sweet Shortcrust Pastry *FREE*

Cannoli *FREE*

Chocolate Shortcrust  *FREE*

Choux Pastry  *FREE*

Dairy free Danish Pastry *FREE*

Danish Pastry *FREE*

Danish Pastry Too *FREE*

Fabulous Flaky Pastry  *FREE*

Flaky Pastry  *FREE*

Rough Puff Pastry *FREE*

Shortcrust Pastry *FREE*

Sour Cream Bitsa Pastry  *FREE*

Vanilla Bean Sweet Shortcrust Pastry  *FREE*


Brandy Fruit Pudding *FREE*

Caramel Apple Pudding *FREE*

Choccy Dumplings *FREE*

Chocolate Lava Cake *FREE* 

Chocolate Ooze Pud *FREE*

Choc Self-saucing pudding *FREE*

Golden Sinker Pud *FREE*

Golden Syrup Dumplings *FREE*

Lemon Delicious pudding *FREE*

Panettone Bread & Butter Pudding *FREE*

Snickers Self Saucing Pudding *FREE*

Spiced Sticky Date Pudding *FREE*

Sticky Date Pudding *FREE*

Savoury Stuff

Cheesy Sauce *FREE*

Gyoza *FREE*

Mini Masala Sausage Rolls *FREE*

Wonton wrappers *FREE*

Zucchini Slice *FREE*


Buttermilk Scones *FREE* 

Cheese Scones *FREE*

Date Scones *FREE*

Roasted Pumpkin Scones - no added sugar *FREE*

Sour Cream & Chive Scones *FREE*

Traditional (KISS) Scones *FREE*

Traditional Scones Too *FREE*


Choc Caramel Slice *FREE*

Choc Chip Cookie Dough Slice *FREE*

Choc Peanut Truffle Slice *FREE*

Chrissy Pud Slice *FREE*

Hazelnut & Almond Slice *FREE*

Matchsticks *FREE*

Mocha Macadamia Slice *FREE*

Vanilla Slice *FREE*

Tarts & Pies

Apple Rosette Pie *FREE*  

Blueberry Pie *FREE*

Caramel Peanut Tart *FREE*

Cardamon & Blood Orange Galette *FREE*

Chocolate Espresso Truffle Tart *FREE*

Cowboy Truffle Tart *FREE*

Dairy Free Spinach Quiche *FREE*

Fruit Mince Tarts *FREE*

Honeyed Fig Galette *FREE*

Lemon Delicious Tart *FREE*

Mini Maple Pecan Tarts *FREE*

Pecan & Maple Pastries *FREE*

Raspberry Galette *FREE*

Rocky Road Tart *FREE*

Spinach & Chevre Quiche *FREE*

Strawberry & Orange Galette *FREE* 

Strawberry & Rhubarb Pie *FREE*  

Tarte Tatin *FREE* 

'Tim Tam' Tart *FREE*