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I love freshly baked bread & so do my family. Their favourites are "White", Turkish Pide & Raisin Bread. As a family we don't have any dietary restrictions apart from the don't eat too much restriction however the bread I bake at home is gluten free. I was going into town to do the shopping & asked my daughter if she wanted anything from the bakery her reply after a slight hesitation,

"Mum, I would really like some of your Turkish Bread"

What a wonderful compliment. My day only needed to be shuffled slightly to fit it in. Preparation time ~5 mins, mixing time 3 mins (Thermomix), proofing 30 mins & baking for 25 mins. The longest time (it always seems to be the longest) is waiting for it to cool down. 

Below are some information articles & the current recipes that are available for using dried yeast or a sourdough starter.

Information articles



Recipes using dried yeast 


Recipes using a sourdough starter