Icing & Other Toppings

Buttercream, ganache, fluffy........what to choose


As the name suggests buttercream icing contains butter. And icing sugar. And a little bit of liquid with perhaps some flavouring. It is made by beating together the butter & sugar. The available liquid in the mixture can dissolve the sugar making the icing creamy. The amounts of butter, sugar & flavourings will vary depending on the taste you want. A richer icing will contain more butter.




Cream Cheese Icing



These icings are creamy in texture but are dairy free. The creaminess comes from mixing together fat & sugar, usually with the aid of an emulsifier.



Pure white fluffy icing contains caster sugar, water & egg whites. The icing can be coloured readily with food colourings or coloured & flavoured by fruit purees (Razzle Dazzle Icing). Essentially you pour a thin stream of a hot boiled sugar syrup slowly while beating egg whites. This technique is used to make Italian meringue.   


Ganache/Truffle Mixes

A combination of chocolate & cream, sometimes with a splash of alcohol. Deliciously smooth, creamy & chocolatey. Yum! Varying the amount of cream will change the setting qualities of the ganache.  



This section contains recipes with different ingredients & various methods to make them.