Muffins & Cupcakes - what is the difference?

I posted the question on Facebook & the replies have helped me to sort out what is and what isn't a muffin. Essentially a muffin (according to the replies):

  • doesn't have icing on it (although I have seen some store muffins with a dollop of icing on them)
  • has a crunchy top when it is just out of the oven
  • can contain lots of fruit - cupcakes usually don't
  • may contain less sugar than cupcakes
  • may be eaten at breakfast time :)
  • the muffin mix wouldn't work in a conventional cake tin

Sometimes I think the line between muffins & cupcakes is slightly blurred - regardless of this I have called the following muffin recipes. 


Apple & Cinnamon Muffins *FREE*

Blueberry Muffins *FREE*

Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins *FREE*

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