Sponge Cakes

When I hear the words “sponge cake” I immediately think of homemade strawberry jam, whipped cream and a cake that is so light that it seems to be made of nothing – a little fluff of nothing! As they are so airy I don’t feel quite so bad when I have a second piece.


In the past I was never confident enough to make them because I thought they were really hard to make. This is not the case. Once the techniques are mastered sponges are one of the fastest cakes to make & bake. Generally sponge cakes are made out of the 3 main ingredients; eggs, sugar and flour. Sometimes melted butter is added to the batter (Genoise sponge) which results in a slightly heavier sponge. When baking with wheat flour and wheat flour mixes these ingredients are usually in the ratio of 2: 1: 1. This means that the amount of sugar and flour that is added is half the amount of the weight of the eggs. Does this ratio work for gluten free flours? No it doesn’t and there is a difference between the various alternatives. The following section is devoted to these wonderful morsels and includes how to make them, variations with alternative flours, other desserts for which they can be used and what to do when things go wrong (sometimes they will).

This section will be available to registered users. At the moment the recipes are not on the site but if you would like to view photos of them visit our Facebook Page Decadent Alternatives = Gluten Free Baking (This link takes you directly to the sponge cake photos).