Gluten Free Magic




That's what happens in our kitchen when we create our wonderful gluten free recipes.

Created with;


A cupful of passion

A splash of zeal


A bag full of knowledge

To sweeten the deal


The widening of the eyes, the squeal of delight after someone has taken a single bite, the hand reaching for just one more are all signs that a person has tasted magic -


Our Gluten Free Magic


Our recipes create wonderful gluten free delights that may seem magical to some but in reality they are the culmination of over 17 years of working with & understanding different gluten free flours & starches. The highlight is the creation of Bakers' Magic Gluten Free Flour, an extremely flexible & versatile blend. 

Wrap a sausage in gluten free bread made with Bakers' Magic Gluten Free Flour or if you prefer make some flaky pastry for an indulgent Vanilla Slice. Click here for more bread recipes using our wonderful flour or here for non-bread recipes.  

Libby Cornish (BScHons, PhD) is in charge of product development at Decadent Alternatives. Libby combines her passion for baking & her scientific background to design stand out gluten free and grain free products for home cooks & manufacturers. She knows gluten free flours, how to work with them, how to bring out their best, understands how they interact & what desirable characteristics are needed in gluten free products.

For Gluten free Product Development, Gluten Free Cooking classes or Bakers' Magic Technical Support please contact Libby Cornish using the form below.