Alternative Ingredients

 There are so many different options to choose it can be very confusing. So how do you choose which ingredients to use? 


Each of the disks in the shortcrust pastry snake shown above were made out of different gluten free flours or starches. But which one of the options do you use? For a start there maybe certain dietary restrictions, obviously this will decrease the number of options available to you. Then there is taste; Do you like the taste of the available options? The soy shortcrust pastry disk was quickly spat out by all members of my family (well my husband had said there was no way he was going to try it). I must admit I didn't share the coconut one. Taste is quickly followed by texture - is the texture really suitable for what you want to make? No surprise the black rice shortcrust pastry disk was decidedly gritty. Lastly is smell, is it appropriate for the product? It might seem trivial but we do associate smells with certain things. I had made mini pound cakes using the different gluten free options and my daughter was trying them all. Before she had even bitten into the one made with white rice flour she said "Can I have a curry with this?"

The ingredients you choose will be based on dietary restrictions or preferences, taste, texture and smell. 

Only you will know your preferences and what will be appropriate for you and your family.

The links below contain information on ingredients that I have found in Supermarkets, Gluten Free stores, Gourmet Food stores and Health food shops.