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I’m feeling so very lucky & extremely grateful that I’m still here 6 years after the specialists told me I had around about 18 months. Today my eldest finished his last Year 12 exam & I was here to celebrate with him:). Speaking of celebrating it’s not long until the Christmas/New Year season is well & truly upon us. Do you do any Christmas baking? If so you may be interested in having a look at the free Bakers’ Magic celebration recipes on the website…/gluten-free-holiday-celebration-…
Not so much into celebrating & just want some good gluten free bread that you can wrap a sausage in - visit…/gluten-free-bakers-magic-flour-bread…
For all other recipes including pastry, cakes, pasta & biscuits visit…/gluten-free-bakers-magic-flour-non-b…

With numerous free recipes available there is no doubt that Bakers' Magic gluten free flour is great for baking but it is also high in protein; high in fibre; contains no added gums, thickeners, emulsifiers or numbers; has no added sugar; is not rice based; is wheat free, gluten free, soy free, egg free, tree nut free & peanut free; and tastes simply amazing :). The ingredients are maize starch, potato starch, flaxseed flour, psyllium & pea protein.
Bakers' Magic gf flour = thousands of baking possibilities.

Never tried Bakers’ Magic flour before? Then this is a fantastic opportunity to try some of this simply sensational gluten free flour. Prepare to be amazed:). To all of you who regularly use my flour (& give it to friends as gifts) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support over the past year. Remember to enter the competition coz the more that enter the more prizes will be available
So, are you feeling lucky? Read below on how to enter.

What's on offer
150 legitimate comments = One prize - 1 x 10 kg bag of Bakers’ Magic gluten free flour 
250 legitimate comments = Two individual prizes - 1 x 10 kg bag of Bakers’ Magic gluten free flour & 1 box of 6 x 450 g of Bakers’ Magic gluten free flour
500 legitimate comments = Five individual prizes - 2 x 10 kg bag of Bakers’ Magic gluten free flour & 3 boxes of 6 x 450 g of Bakers’ Magic gluten free flour

How to enter - send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and let me know
What Christmas/Celebration goodies would YOU want to make with this flour? 
Or type in your favourite recipe if you are a regular user of Bakers’ Magic gluten free flour.
Or put the name & town of a cafe/restaurant that you think could do with a little Bakers' Magic. .
Who can enter
Anyone living in Australia who loves to bake great tasting #glutenfree food. 
The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday 8th December 2017 at 4pm AEST, and notified via Facebook or email.
This is a Decadent Alternatives competition for Australian residents.



From time to time I run give-away competitions on my Facebook page (Decadent Alternatives = Gluten free Baking) & one of the conditions of entry is to comment on what you really miss or what you would like to make if you won some Bakers' Magic gluten free flour. A Bee Sting Cake was one of those answers. I had to see if I could make one gluten free as I couldn't resist the combination of brioche style bread with honey toffee, almonds & creme patisserie. After many attempts I'm happy to say that these Bee Sting Buns are YUM!


The hardest part in making a gluten free Chocolate Ripple Cake is deciding what flavour it's going to be! 


I made some Speculaas a couple of weeks ago & fell in love with them. They are just so..... buttery, crisp, crunchy, spicy..... well..... they are simply yum & so very very moreish. As soon as I ate a second one my mind started ticking over with different flavour possibilities - cocoa, almond, caramel..... This is my cocoa based variation of the Speculaas recipe, they make wonderful gluten free Chocolate Ripple biscuits.


From time to time I get messages, with attachments, from people that would just love to have some of their favourite food that they used to have before they were diagnosed with coeliac disease or they went on a gluten free diet. This Speculaas recipe is my gluten free version of one of those attachments :). 


Having S'mores has been on my list of things to do for quite a while now (ever since I bought the extra large marshmallows). Now it is even easier to have a gluten free version of this wonderful concoction with my copy of Graham Crackers. These S'more bikkies don't take long to make, bake or eat. Enjoy! 


Cardamon & Blood Orange Galette is my gluten free version of the recipe for the Caraway & Blood Orange Tart that appeared in the 16th birthday edition of donna hay magazine (Oct/Nov 2017). Although the original recipe uses caraway seeds in the pastry I simply couldn't put them in. Caraway tends to transport me back to some of my childhood dinners where I had to eat cabbage that had been boiled for far too long with caraway seeds. WOW - searching my memory banks I have come to the conclusion that I have not made anything for my family that contains caraway seeds. That cabbage must have been really really bad (no wonder I used to throw it out the window when my mother wasn't looking :) ). 


Another great 'plain' bikky recipe for the website. These GF Digestive-style Biscuits are my gluten free version of McVities Digestives - I'll have a go at making HobNobs soon. 


To me creating recipes is wonderful, quite simply I love what I do. It was certainly no hardship & quite a bit of fun designing my gluten free versions of 3 cheesecake base biscuits - Arnott's GranitaTM, McVities Digestives & a Graham Cracker. This GF Granita-style Biscuit recipe is the first to be put on the website. Enjoy :). 


I've been fascinated by S'mores for a long time. I've never had them however thinking about the combination of gooey marshmallow, molten chocolate & a crunchy biscuit certainly puts a smile on my dial. It was with S'mores in mind that I started making a S'more pie/tart & I have to say I was a tad disappointed with my concoction (so was the rest of the family). Cooling the pie overnight made a huge difference & I immediately thought of a Rocky Road Tart, hence this recipe.


Who knew! Apparently bagels are not just a bun with a hole in them. I say apparently as I didn't know this & could count on one hand the number of times that I've actually bought bagels. I had a lot of fun making (& eating) these New York Style Bagels.


Years & years & years ago (actually last century!) I used to work in Hamilton, Victoria. As a lover of chocolate & delicious moreish slices I stumbled across a Hazelnut slice in a local bakery that was absolutely delish. This Hazelnut & Almond Slice is my gluten free equivalent of that Hazelnut slice. 


These Plain Scott Biscuits are little gems designed to be decorated or sandwiched together with icing or used as a slice base or cheesecake base. One of the hardest things was working out what to call them, with no flavouring these are plain Jane biscuits or as my daughter suggested Plain Scott biscuits :).


Prior to my baking classes I ask participants what their food intolerances are in order to tailor the class for the group. I also like to make a little something extra for them to have with their tea or coffee or hot chocolate. These little Dairy free Vanilla Shortbread were designed for one of my class participants who was on a dairy free diet.


I gave my first baking class 2 weeks ago (July 2017) and I had a few teeny, weeny, incy, wincy teething problems. It was the first time I had used the ovens and my sourdough croissants didn't quite work the way I wanted them to. Knowing that I was going to be giving another class I quickly started working on an alternative laminated yeasted dough. I've done it - the class is tomorrow & this recipe for Danish Pastry is on the website :).  


My first batch of Six Seed Sourdough was a last minute addition to my Sourdough & Pastry baking class on the 23 rd of July, 2017. I had a look in my cupboards to see what seeds I could add to make a 'grainy' bread. Grabbing the bags I tipped in a bit of this & a bit of that and didn't write the amounts down because I thought I would remember - hah. The following recipe is an approximation of the original loaf.


One of my family's favourite cakes is Michelle's Orange Cake, it is light, moist, flavoursome - just simply scrummy. I naturally needed to see what that particular cake would taste like when made with tangelos (my daughter had popped some tangelos in our shopping cart). A cross between a grapefruit & a tangerine I decided to only use the juice & zest for this Tangelo cake


 I love croissants :) - really says it all. These Sourdough Croissants certainly hit the spot on a cold Winter's afternoon. 


It is almost a year since I first saw a recipe for a Snickers pudding in the August 2016 edition of delicious. magazine. It was filed away in the recesses of my brain for the right chocolaty moment. A couple of weeks ago on a really cold day when the family was in the mood for peanuts & chocolate I pulled out the delicious. mag & converted the recipe to gluten free. Of course it took a couple of trials before everyone was happy (needed more cocoa, needed more sauce, needed more peanuts, needed more caramel, needed to be more). I hope you enjoy it as much as we did :). 


I love Sourdough Baguettes, they are delicious & so very versatile. Make them for a picnic, turn them into garlic bread, use them for crackers - whatever you turn them into enjoy!   


Ooops I had started writing this post early April - better late than never. There has been a couple of times when I simply have had to use the BBQ to bake bread (Baking Bread on the Barby). It's either been too hot or as happened when making these Hot Cross buns I had a blackout in the middle of the baking session. Not wanting to waste the beautiful hot cross buns I scooted outside & turned on the barby. 


I love making bread with a sourdough culture & this Fruity Sourdough is no exception. I love the different flavours that develop within sourdough breads, I find it easier to work with the culture (instead of dried yeast) & it is so much easier to plan the timing of proofing & baking. Love it, love it, love it :).  


I'm very excited to announce the first of my new gluten free baking classes at Ballarat will be a combination of sourdough/bread & pastry. For more details visit Gluten Free Baking Classes - hope to see you there.